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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry


Reverté’s calcium carbonates, recommended for use in the chemical industry, are characterised by high purity and specific and consistent granulometric distribution.

We have suitable products for use in a wide range of applications, such as water treatment, fertiliser production and formulation of powdered detergents and abrasives.


  • Very high purity
  • Mineralisation of water for human consumption
  • Synthesis of calcium fertilisers (phosphates & nitrates)
  • Desulphuration of gases from thermal power plants


F15 (extra white marble)

D50 = 9 microns  –  D98 = 50 microns

Main Advantages
Desulphuration of gases from thermal power plants. Very high purity.
Low content of Mg, Fe, Al and other heavy metals, ensuring good plaster quality formed as a by-product.


D50 = 1.5 mm  –  D98 = 2 mm

Main Advantages
Mineralisation of water for human consumption. Very high purity. Complies with the EN1018 standard. No fine particles  below 800 microns.

T 50

D50 = 7 microns  –  D98 = 40 microns

Main Advantages
Production of calcium phosphate and calcium nitrate. Very high purity (99% CaC03). Calibrated granulometric distribution, ensuring optimal reaction kinetics.