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The Company’s Mission, Vision and Values



We are a long-standing multinational family business dedicated to extraction, production and marketing of calcium carbonates since 1958.
Our business model is based on producing a wide portfolio of products derived from calcium carbonate. Research, development and innovation in products and processes in our plants in Europe and North America allows us to offer the best quality/price ratio and service in markets all around the world.

The company’s aim since it was set up has been to become the top-quality and most competitive manufacturer of calcium carbonates in the main consumption sectors, especially in those with the highest added value.
Thanks to our managerial effort, our policy of reinvesting profit, joint research with our customers and constant monitoring of the market, we will maintain our position as leaders in the global market.

The main values that define the Reverté Group are:

  • Operational excellence: we are intensifying integrated automation strategies in our plants and cost control.
  • Innovation: we work together with customers, universities and other institutions to maintain constant innovation in our processes and products.
  • People: these are the group’s most important asset based on ethics, perseverance and effort.
  • Teamwork: we always focus on quality of service and the creation of value for our customers.
  • Workplace health and safety: we always comply with the strictest regulations in all the countries we operate in.
  • Care and conservation of the environment: we optimise the extraction and production process, paying special attention to the fact that our product is a non-renewable mineral.


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